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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Breathe, Explore, Relax ... those were the buzz words I choose to describe the experience of a holiday at Villa Gelso

This year has changed everybody's travel plans, but Villa Gelso will still be here for you in 2021 and the magnificent Sibillini Mountain National Park will be ready to host your next adventure.

We intend to holiday here ourselves as soon as the restrictions are lifted and I can update the house-book with some fabulous walks and places to explore. Maybe the best mountain bike trails, and places for photography, for example the wonderful flowering of the fields in the mountains...

Also to come for 2021 are some wonderful collaborations with locals, an Italian cooking class hosted by a wonderful foodie, who is popular on Instagram; learn to make pasta or focaccia bread with organic ingredients all grown locally

I will be planning photography trips to amazing hidden places in the National Park, the secret woods and meadows where horses are living semi-wild, to waterfalls and amazing rock formations.

If you enjoy star photography it's possible to go out on a clear night and capture the milky way as there isn't much light pollution here, and there are many interesting mountain shapes or castle ruins for your pictures.

Why not spend your lockdown time planning for next year, and we can book the best weeks for you now. Contact us here

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