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About Marche


Awarded second place in world ranking "Best in Travel 2020" by Lonely Planet, Le Marche is a special place. It has a hilly terrain, and is nestled between the mountains and the sea... although well watered and fertile, it is difficult to farm efficiently, thus the landscape has been looked after by small farms, and small industries in the little villages. For this reason it has remained unspoilt, with the cultural towns of Urbino and Ascoli Piceno the region's jewels. Great food, fine wines, and wonderful climate make it a new destination to explore.

About 90% of Italy's shoe factories are here in Marche. Tod's shoes, the Prada Outlet, and others are family run businesses hidden in the hills. We have wonderful hand-made Italian handbags, shoes and designer clothing available direct from the factories and workshops of the Italian artisans.

Marche boasts sandy blue flag beaches, 250 art galleries and museums, 150 castles and fortresses, 200 Romanesque churches, 40 abbeys, several National Parks, 170 medieval towers and 33 archaeological sites, and the most truly awe-inspiring caves at Frasassi. Add to that stunning landscapes of the Sibillini Mountains, with hidden waterfalls, eagles, and even wolves.

Italian Food


Food is a passion for the people of Marche, you'll re-discover long lost flavours, bursting from all the fresh local produce of this fertile land. Tomatoes ripen on the vines, fruits soak up the sun and taste extraordinary, local olive oil and herbs pack flavour into rustic recipes.




Ascoli Piceno is a monumental city with a Medieval historic center, the most beautiful piazza in Italy (we think).


Urbino - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Palazzo Ducale is an enthralling architectural and artistic example from the Italian Renaissance. 



Wine alone could provide a worthy motive for touring this area, with 7 D.O.C. wines and vineyards and wineries to tour.

Look out for the white Falerio dei Colli Ascolani, the red Rosso Piceno and Rosso Piceno Superiore and, finally sweet wine stored in wooden casks, and with a Mediterranean hint of the aniseed-flavored liqueurs, Anisette and Mistrà. 

How to Get Here

From London Stansted to Ancona, Perugia or Pescara

2 hrs with Ryan Air


From London Gatwick to Ancona in the SUMMER only twice a week with Easyjet

From Rome to Ancona 1hr flight with Alitalia

Germany to Ancona
1hr 40 mins from
Munich with Lufthansa
1hr 55 mins from
Dusseldorf (Weeze) with Ryan Air

Brussels to Ancona 1hr 55 mins with Ryan Air and Perugia

Moscow to Rimini 4hrs with Wind Jet

Malta to Perugia twice a week with Ryan Air

Spain - Barcelona & Madrid to Pescara with Ryan Air

Hungary, Poland & Romania to Pescara with Ryan Air

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