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A Walk to The Hermitage of Soffiano

The Hermitage of Soffiano is about 7 km from the center of Sarnano, most of which can be traveled by car. The Hermitage is well located on Google Maps and it is easy to reach it by setting the GPS coordinates on the navigator: 43.030524, 13.245171 (43 ° 01'49.9 ″ N 13 ° 14'42.6 ″ E).

Starting from Piazza della Libertà you have to follow the SS78 towards Macerata up to the locality of Callarella. Just before the petrol station, at the Laminox company, turn left following the signs for Campanotico - Terro - Scuola di Volo and continue on the main road, crossing the Carsoducci area until you reach an intersection where you need to turn left following the signs for the Grotta di Soffiano. After a few hundred meters, you have to take a dirt road on the right.

At this point you can continue by car (the road conditions are not excellent, but it is still passable), or start the walk: if you continue by car it will be possible to park at the end of the dirt road. The dirt road ends with a clearing.

From here starts the path that goes into the woods and leads straight to the Eremo di Soffiano in about twenty minutes on foot. The excursion is simple and it is practically impossible to get lost. In addition, the path winds completely in the shade of the forest and there are fresh water sources along the way, so it can be walked without difficulty even on the hottest days. At the end of the path, the Hermitage will stand out in front of you: an opening in the rock, very high but not very deep, bordered by a stone wall, which is accessed by a staircase.

You can rest on the stairs of the cave and enjoy the feeling of absolute peace that the Hermitage surrounded by nature gives its visitors. Looking around you will see the summit of Monte Pizzo Meta look out from the dense forest and hear the gurgle of the Rio Terro river at the bottom of the valley: a regenerating experience.

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